Monday, January 4, 2010

Setting up your cellphone with TWITTER !

When you're on the go and you want to update your twitter with a new tweet , you can send a tweet through your cellphone.

Go on on your computer
On the main page , look at the upper right corner and click on settings.
It should show a bar that contain account, password, mobile, notices, picture and design. Click on mobile.
Grab your cellphone and send a text message saying the word START to 21212 (for mobile use in Canada) .

You should then receive a text message back from twitter saying:
"Welcome to Twitter! Reply with SIGNUP to begin"
Already on Twitter? Reply with your username instead.

So if you already have a twitter account, just reply to the text message with your username. Once you have, you should then receive a text message saying:

"Hi, _______. reply w/ your password to tweet on this phone.
(Passwords are Case Sensitive!! Your phone may capitalize the 1st letter of your pwd)

So you then reply with your password. You will then receive a message saying :

"Your password is correct! Reply w/ OK to confirm you want to use Twitter with this phone"

After you send a text message replying back with OK, you will then receive a message saying :

" Your password is correct! You're all set up to use Twitter with this phone. Type a Tweet anytime, just send it to this number".

I recommend saving the number into your contacts as "Twitter", so whenever you want to sent out a tweet, just send a text message (the text message it self will be the tweet) to that number.

any questions, leave a comment and I'll try to answer your question !

- xoxo Lorie

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