Thursday, December 31, 2009


As a proud Vancouver girl , I was extremely excited when I heard that Roberto Luongo was on the roster for Team Canada's Olympic Men's Hockey. Roberto is a extremely talented goalie and in my opinion , was an obvious choice for the roster. Along with Roberto, Marc-Andre Fleury (Pittsburgh Penguins) and Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils) will be responsible for saving powerful shots from some of the world's best shooters, such as Russia's Alexander Ovechkin. Team Canada's roster also includes Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) , a very well known name in the world of hockey and is strong young contender. But ultimately, the team is in good hands as Scott Niderermayer , who plays for the Anaheim Ducks and is a long time hockey veteran is the team captain. Even though I'm not a regular hockey watcher, I am very excited to watch Team Canada play for the Canadian spirit !

2010 Team Canada's Men's Hockey Roster

Martin Brodeur , Montreal - New Jersey Devils
Marc-Andre Fleury , Sorel , Quebec - Pittsburgh Penguins
Roberto Luongo , Montreal -
Vancouver Canucks

Dan Boyle , Ottawa - San Jose Sharks
Drew Doughty , Ottawa - L.A Kings
Duncan Keith , Penticton , B.C- Chicago Blackhawks
Scott Niedermayer , Cranbrook , B.C - Anaheim Ducks
Chris Pronger , Dryden , Ont. - Philadelphia Flyers
Brent Seabrook , Tsawwaseen , B.C - Chicago Blackhawks
Shea Weber , Sicamous , B.C -
Nashville Predators

Patrice Bergeron , L'Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec - Boston Bruins
Sidney Crosby , Cole Harbour, N.S - Pittsburgh Penguins
Ryan Getzlaf , Regina - Anaheim Ducks
Dany Heatley , Calgary - San Jose Sharks
Jarome Iginla , St.Albert , Alta. - Calgary Flames
Patrick Marleau , Aneroid, Sask. - San Jose Sharks
Brenden Morrow , Carlyle, Sask. - Dallas Stars
Rick Nash , Brampton, Ont. - Columbus Blue Jackets
Mike Richards , Kenora, Ont. - Philadelphia Flyers
Corey Perry , Peterborough, Ont. - Anaheim Ducks
Eric Staal , Thunder Bay , Ont. - Carolina Hurricanes
Joe Thornton , St.Thomas , Ont. - San Hose Sharks
Jonathon Toews, Winnipeg -
Chicago Blackhawks

Friday, December 25, 2009

The advantages of having a laptop.

Have you noticed what day it is?

It's exciting isn't it? Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I'm hoping you are having a great winter break. As you see, the title of this blog is " the advantages of having a laptop". Well, for my Christmas present, my mom got me a HP laptop! I screamed when I found out and I practically fell off my seat. This laptop is amazing, and it makes blogging and editing pictures so much easier. Everything is faster too! This will benefit me when I'm blogging or writing about my experiences with StudentsLive ; in which we have a meeting right after winter break. I'm really excited to see all my amazing friends there and hoping to learn even more!

There's no snow in Richmond right now, but that's good because then there's more safe driving . On the downfall, there's no white Christmas morning ; unless when I wake up tomorrow there's going to be snow outside my window. Snow is great, but the aftermath is awful. After the snow melts, you end up with grey slush. Let me tell you, slush is not fun. It's wet, slippery and the worst thing to deal with when you'll trying to walk to school.

While winter break is to end in 10 days, New Year's is right around the corner! This year has whisked by me so fast, I still can't believe it! 2010 is coming soon, which means that the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games are inching even closer! There's 49 days left!

Capping this blog post off, I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy holiday!

-xoxo Lorie

Monday, December 14, 2009


There's different opportunities in life and being in StudentsLive is one of the ones I couldn't refuse. StudentsLive is a exceptional program that takes 24 students from the lower mainland and takes them on a journey of a life time. Being a studentslive reporter, our job is share our perspective of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games through different social media skills. I'm currently sitting with Lauren, Adeleine and Lisa, whom I've got to know a bit better for the 2 and half hours I've been sitting in the room with them. Everyone is so nice and friendly and I'm looking forward to work with them in this program.

Honestly, I think I've been so blessed to be offered this opportunity. This is a huge learning exprience and I'm very excited! I've learned so much today and I can't wait for our next meeting :)

Lunch is coming up, so I'll update you when I can !

so follow me on my blog and on my twitter ; pinkvoltage13

- xoxo Lorie