Monday, December 14, 2009


There's different opportunities in life and being in StudentsLive is one of the ones I couldn't refuse. StudentsLive is a exceptional program that takes 24 students from the lower mainland and takes them on a journey of a life time. Being a studentslive reporter, our job is share our perspective of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games through different social media skills. I'm currently sitting with Lauren, Adeleine and Lisa, whom I've got to know a bit better for the 2 and half hours I've been sitting in the room with them. Everyone is so nice and friendly and I'm looking forward to work with them in this program.

Honestly, I think I've been so blessed to be offered this opportunity. This is a huge learning exprience and I'm very excited! I've learned so much today and I can't wait for our next meeting :)

Lunch is coming up, so I'll update you when I can !

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- xoxo Lorie

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  1. I agree, such a nice group of people, and the best Monday moring I have ever had! I'm so excited to get started and I can hardly imagine what we can do with our level of creativity and talent. :)